Tummy Tuck – Can The Results Change?

Many people get a tummy tuck when they are not getting desired results from exercising. The reasons for not getting a slim stomach tend to vary, but age and genetics play a role. For these reasons, you may decide to schedule an appointment with a tummy tuck surgeon.

After having the surgery done, you may have questions about the longevity of your procedure. A tummy tuck is a one-time surgery that will last a long time. However, there are some things that can change the results.

A Change In Your Weight

A significant weight gain can change the look of your midsection. To repair the damage, you should try to lose the gained weight. After losing the weight, your surgeon can perform a less extensive surgery to remove your excess skin. However, normal fluctuations in your weight should not have a permanent effect on your procedure.

A normal weight gain is ten pounds or less without any changes to your stomach. If you gain 20 or more pounds, then you risk stretching the skin in your midsection. It is important that you do not use a tummy tuck as a weight loss procedure. You should continue to live a healthy lifestyle to reach your fitness goals.

Change In Skin Tone

The change in your skin tone can change the appearance of your stomach. It depends on your skin type. Some skin types can develop hyperpigmentation. When your skin is healing, excessive amounts of melanin are deposited around your scar. You should first take time to observe your scar and see if the appearance gets better. If it does not get better, then you should contact your doctor.

Going Through A Pregnancy

A pregnancy can change the appearance of your stomach. It stretches the skin in your abdominal area because the baby has to grow. After having your baby, you usually lose the weight. It is hard to determine what your stomach will look like after going through all these changes. For these reasons, you should wait until you are finished having children before having a tummy tuck. If you had the procedure and want to have a child, then you should discuss your plans with your doctor.

Most people have cosmetic surgery towards the end of their weight loss journey. If you want to maintain the results, then you should exercise regularly, maintain good nutrition and live a healthy lifestyle. It is important to not think that a tummy tuck solves all of your weight issues.

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