3 Reasons Why Your Dentures Don't Fit Anymore

If you wear dentures, then you probably remember the great lengths your dentist took to precisely measure the dimensions of your mouth so that your appliances would fit properly. From the dental X-rays to the impressions that were taken of your mouth, your dental professional wanted to make sure that your dentures fit comfortably and that they didn't slip, shift, or hurt while you were wearing them. Despite your dentist's best efforts, dentures can eventually become either too big or too small for your mouth. [Read More]

Gum Grafts In Your Future: Early Detection And Treatment Of Gum Recession

You've heard of skin grafts, bone grafts, even tree grafts...but gum grafts?  Many patients have never heard of this common oral surgery--that is, until they find themselves in need of the procedure.  Used to treat severe gum recession, grafting replaces unhealthy gum tissue with healthy tissue taken from elsewhere in the mouth.  Sometimes the gum tissue in need of replacement isn't just unhealthy: it's completely absent, exposing the root of the tooth and contributing to potential bone loss. [Read More]

Lumineers Vs. Veneers

When it comes to improving your smile, there are many cosmetic dental options available. If you want to cover imperfections of your teeth, covering them with veneers or Lumineers is an excellent option. While these two products are similar in how they are done and how well they improve your smile, there are some slight differences. Here is more information about each option so you can talk to your dentist about what one is best for you. [Read More]