4 Adjustments To Make To Your Home To Make It More Handicapped Accessible

If you have someone in your home or life that has a physical handicap, and they live or visit your home often, there are numerous adjustments that you can make to your home to make it more accessible and easy for them to get around in your home. Change the Toilet The bathroom is the one area of your home that everyone needs to use, so it make sense to make adjustments to that area of your home first. [Read More]

Osteoporosis & Hip Fractures

Have you had severe pain in your hip after a minor slip and falling to the ground? You might be suffering from osteoporosis, which is a health condition that makes it easy for bones to break. It is important to make an appointment with a specialist so your hip (or other injuries) can be treated and a diagnosis can be made in regards to osteoporosis. You might need to make a few changes to reduce the risk of your bones breaking if it is found that you have osteoporosis. [Read More]

What To Expect After Knee Replacement Surgery

The knee is a complex joint, and when it becomes worn out or damaged, it can cause extreme pain and limited mobility. When a person has a knee that is damaged beyond repair, doctors often recommend a knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement can eliminate much of the pain that a person experiences and also make it much easier to return to everyday activities. If you have a knee replacement surgery scheduled, continue reading to learn more about what to expect after surgery: [Read More]

Health And Medical Issues: Is It Or Isn't It A Primary Care Problem?

Health and medical problems always arise in life. It is the price humans pay for being somewhat soft and fragile creatures. That is why everyone, even you, has a primary care doctor. Yet, when does a health or medical issue fit into the realm of a primary care visit, versus a secondary care visit or an emergency visit? As a young adult finally living on your own, you might be uncertain about where to go and who to see for your healthcare and medical needs. [Read More]