3 Treatment Options To Consider For Boils

When you get a boil, the most important thing is to get the infection out of your body and prevent the boil from getting bigger. Here are 3 treatment options that you can use alone or together in order to combat the boil. Antibiotics First, antibiotics are almost always necessary because boils often come because of a Staph infection. This infection needs to be treated with antibiotics to kill the infection so that you do not start to get more boils over time. [Read More]

Palliative Care vs Hospice Care: Understanding The Difference

While both hospice and palliative care are provided to individuals with life threatening illnesses, these two types of care are actually quite different. Understanding the differences between these two care options can help to ensure you are choosing the right end-of-life care for you or your loved ones. Option #1: Hospice Care Hospice care is the most well known option when it comes to end-of-life care. However, while most people have a basic understanding of what hospice care is, they may not understand the specifics, such as where this care is provided or how this care is paid for. [Read More]

4 Signs That A Child Has Been Sexually Abused

Child sexual abuse is more common than people think. Although it is hard to get an accurate number, because many times it goes unreported, Human Services found that about 10% of children reported to be victims of sexual abuse. In addition, they assume there are far more each year that go unreported. The important thing for parents and guardians is to know how to recognize the signs that a child is being abused so they can get the treatment and help that they need. [Read More]

3 Ways Your Eyes Are Telling You That You're Getting Older

Just as with every other part of your body, your eyes go through significant changed as you age. In fact, eye changes and vision problems are among the first signs of aging. For most people, eye changes start occurring in their 40s. However, computers and technology are speeding up the aging process, at least when it comes to the eyes. It's not uncommon for people in their 30s to experience eye issues, especially if they are on the computer a lot. [Read More]