3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Contact Lenses

If you currently have a prescription for eyeglasses, you may never have considered the option of contact lenses. However, there are quite a few reasons as to why contact lenses may be more appropriate for your lifestyle compared to eyeglasses. Here are three reasons why you should consider contacts instead:

You Lead an Active Lifestyle:

If you play sports, are a runner, or are just active in general, then contact lenses are probably the better choice for you. This is because eyeglasses, while easy to wear, also easily fall off. While participating in any active activities, you may find that your eyeglasses break or the lenses smudge easily. Eyeglasses are not cheap to replace either, so if you find that your glasses break often, you are probably going to save more money by investing in contact lenses instead. On top of this, contact lenses won't interfere with whatever it is that you are doing. You won't have to stop to push them back onto your face or to clean the lenses. 

You Want to Change the Color of Your Eyes:

Contact lenses also allow you to have more variety. You can choose contact lenses that will change the color of your eyes, which many people find highly desirable. You can choose a more vibrant color that can make your eyes stand out. You can even use contact lenses that look like cat eyes, which is perfect for someone who wants to stand apart from the crowd. Don't worry, though, these contact lenses won't interfere with your ability to see clearly. 

You Will Have a Better Field of Vision:

When you wear eyeglasses, your vision can be slightly distorted because of the openings on the side. On top of this, the frames can be distracting you from getting a clear view on something. This may distract you most if you are in a line of work that requires you to closely study objects or if you are a student and need to focus while taking tests or writing down notes the teacher is writing on the board. With contact lenses, nothing will interfere in this way with your field of vision. 

When you know these three reasons to consider contact lenses, you can see whether or not it is the right choice for you based on your lifestyle. If so, then talk to eye doctors who can prescribe you the right type of contact lenses for your eyes.