4 Ways To Market Yourself As A Psychologist

Whether you are in private practice or work for an organization, proactively marketing your therapy services is critical to your success. With savvy marketing, you can ensure a full roster of clients and even get to a point where you are able to increase your rates. Here are four psychology marketing tips to try out:

Build a Website for Your Practice

These days, a working website is a necessity for any psychologist. Potential clients who hear about your services will most likely check out your website before scheduling an appointment to see if you seem like a good fit. In addition, if you regularly post relevant content to your site in the form of a blog, your search engine results will improve and more clients will find you. Check out colleagues' websites to see what you like and don't like, but generally, you should include:

  • Contact information

  • Services and rates

  • A personable "About Me" section

  • A blog that you update regularly

  • Social media buttons that link to your professional Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Book Regular Public Speaking Gigs

Public speaking gigs improve your visibility and perceived expertise in your community. Don't aim to get paid the big bucks for public speaking at first, instead offering to give free talks to relevant groups such as veteran's organizations if you work with military clients or local parenting groups if your clients are children. Eventually, as you build a reputation for public speaking, you may be invited to more lucrative speaking opportunities which can boost your income as well as lead to new clients.

Network with Other Psychology Professionals

Instead of seeing fellow psychologists as competition for business, see them as colleagues and resources. By networking through local professional organizations and LinkedIn, you may hear about great psychology jobs you wouldn't otherwise know about and even receive referrals to clients if someone has overflow work or their practice is in a different niche than yours. Just be sure to proactively reciprocate and support those you network with as well to keep the good will flowing in your direction.

Add Yourself to Directories

Think about where prospective clients may be searching online for a psychologist, and make sure you are added to each of these directories. Psychology Today's therapist directory, the APA's psychologist locator, and the provider directory for any insurance company you accept at your practice are great places to start.

By following these marketing tips, your therapy business will soon see a boost in clients and you will no longer have to worry about gaps in your schedule.

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