Looking For A New OBGYN? What To Search For

As a woman of reproductive or post-menopausal age, you need an OBGYN to help you maintain your feminine health. While this type of doctor is a bit daunting to have because of the intimate nature of your exams, when you choose the right specialist, you feel confident in the services you receive. You can interview many gynecologists before choosing the one you ultimately want to work with so you can feel more in control of your reproductive or aging health. [Read More]

What Is A Toxicological Risk Assessment?

Professionals use toxicological risk assessments to determine any potential health risks associated with medical devices and drugs. The assessment helps companies decide if their products present a potential toxicological risk. For instance, a government agency may order a toxicological risk assessment before allowing the use of certain chemicals or medications for public use. The government wants to understand what potential health and environmental risks the substance may pose. Identifying Hazards [Read More]

4 Adjustments To Make To Your Home To Make It More Handicapped Accessible

If you have someone in your home or life that has a physical handicap, and they live or visit your home often, there are numerous adjustments that you can make to your home to make it more accessible and easy for them to get around in your home. Change the Toilet The bathroom is the one area of your home that everyone needs to use, so it make sense to make adjustments to that area of your home first. [Read More]

What Are Your Treatment Options For Plantar Fasciitis?

The pulling, straining pain of plantar fasciitis is difficult to ignore. This discomfort in your heel and arch can make it hard to walk, let alone participate in activities like running, hiking and biking. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, it's important to seek treatment from a physical therapist or orthopedic specialist. Here's a look at the treatment measures they may recommend.     Conservative Therapy If this is the first time you've suffered from plantar fasciitis, your doctor will likely recommend trying conservative treatments first. [Read More]