Looking For A New OBGYN? What To Search For

As a woman of reproductive or post-menopausal age, you need an OBGYN to help you maintain your feminine health. While this type of doctor is a bit daunting to have because of the intimate nature of your exams, when you choose the right specialist, you feel confident in the services you receive. You can interview many gynecologists before choosing the one you ultimately want to work with so you can feel more in control of your reproductive or aging health.

Since you have to visit your OBGYN for many types of services — including renewing your birth control and getting annual pap smears — you need to make sure you choose the best specialist for you. Here are some things you can do to make sure you get the best OBGYN for your feminine needs.

Available Services

Some gynecologists also perform surgeries for women, such as cyst removal or tube tying, while others just do exams and refer services out to others. Some OBGYNS will do medical abortions while others will not. You want to choose a gynecologist who can meet as many of your needs as possible so you can see the same specialist for many of your feminine health concerns.

Available Appointments

If you like to get into the gynecologist at the same time every year or you have to have multiple appointments to manage cysts, endometriosis, or fertility issues, then you want to schedule with an OBGYN that has open availability. Some gynecologists get booked up weeks or even months in advance and outsource some of their appointments to their nurse practitioners, which is fine if you are OK with this. If not, then you'll want to select a gynecologist who will be able to schedule you more easily.

Bedside Manner

Are you worried about finding an OBGYN you can ultimately feel comfortable with? Whether you choose a male or female doctor — both genders can be equally qualified to treat the female reproductive system — you want to pick someone you feel has a great  bedside manner and trustworthy demeanor. You can use your friends' recommendations to choose a gynecologist or do a consultation with many doctors to help you determine which one will work best for your needs. The right OBGYN will be able to make you feel confident in their ability to treat you while feeling great about your reproductive health at the same time.