Visiting A Dispensary Might Be Different Than You Think

Cannabis has been becoming more common as more states push to legalize it either for medical use, recreational use, or both. And as cannabis becomes more common, lots of people are going to a dispensary for the first time. This can be a really exciting experience, but it can also be pretty eye-opening. Dispensaries, while generally awesome, are not what a lot of people expect. Here are some of the ways in which dispensaries may be different from what you expect.

Dispensaries don't typically have cannabis flower out for you to touch and smell.

On television, dispensaries are often romanticized. You may see characters walking through a dispensary, picking up cannabis flower and smelling it before choosing a strain to buy. In real life, dispensaries do not have cannabis out where you can handle it. This setup would not be sanitary or secure. What you'll see, most often, is the cannabis behind a glass counter where a budtender is standing. The budtender can let you smell different strains and can tell you more about the flower, helping you make informed buying decisions.

Dispensaries sell a lot more than just flower.

If you're expecting to show up to the dispensary and just buy cannabis flower, you won't be disappointed. Flower is a significant seller at most dispensaries. However, most dispensaries sell a lot more than just flower these days. The market for specialty cannabis products has really exploded in recent years. There are vape pens, cartridges, tons of different edibles, topical products like lotions, and so much more. These products often make it easier to work cannabis into your lifestyle in enjoyable ways.

Dispensaries have pretty intense security.

If you're imagining walking straight into the dispensary like you'd walk into a pharmacy or grocery store, then you might be a bit surprised during your first visit. In most states, dispensaries have a lot of security. You can expect someone to check your ID before allowing you inside. There are often security guards by the doors, and sometimes cameras, too. Banks are not always very willing to work with dispensaries, so they tend to be cash businesses — and a lot of the security exists for this purpose. Don't let it intimidate you. You're a legitimate customer, and they're happy to have you there.

Visiting a dispensary for the first time will be life-changing, but it may not be quite what you expect. Make sure you're open to the experience! For more information, contact a marijuana dispensary near you.