Domestic Violence Experts Testify In Many Cases

Court cases often require the use of domestic violence expert witnesses. An expert witness can provide a lot of insight into allegations of domestic violence.

If you are thinking about hiring an expert witness, you first need to know if your kind of case can make use of a professional witness. Here's what you need to know.

Domestic Violence Experts for Criminal Cases

A domestic violence expert witness often works with criminal cases. Witnesses will inform the judge or jury how the actions of a victim may be impacted by violence in the home.  They can discuss the impact of violence as well.

These professionals can be introduced at one or more stages throughout a criminal court case. For example, you might call on an expert to testify in front of a grand jury to determine if criminal charges will even be placed. These professionals can also provide testimony during a trial, sentencing hearing, or parole hearing.

Domestic Violence Experts for Family Law Cases

You might also call on a domestic violence expert to provide assistance with a divorce or custody case. The witness may provide insight into the kind of trauma domestic violence can cause in children. The witness can also bolster your claims of a partner's abuse, manipulation, and violence.

Expert witnesses are often called upon during the trial part of family hearings. Family law cases do not typically have as many witnesses as criminal cases, but you can call on a professional to strengthen your claims in the best interest of you or your children.

Domestic Violence Experts for Personal Injury Lawsuits

In some cases, people are suing a domestic violence perpetrator in court because they have suffered injuries from violence. They may call on an expert witness to discuss the likelihood of these types of injuries resulting from domestic violence. The witness can also make judgments based on a history of domestic violence, demonstrating what may be more likely to happen in different situations.

In these types of cases, expert witnesses are called as part of the trial, but you may also introduce your witness if you are going through negotiations for a settlement.

Set Up a Domestic Violence Expert Witness Consultation

A consultation can provide you with a lot of information about your case. A witness can help bolster your claims with expertise and information based on a professional opinion. A consultation can help you determine what kind of witness will be most useful.