What to Expect When Visiting a Cannabis Dispensary

Visiting a cannabis dispensary for the first time can be a really rewarding experience. The legalization of marijuana in many states has allowed patients to finally take advantage of this healing plant without worrying about legal ramifications. However, as excited as you might be to visit a dispensary, you are probably also wondering what to expect. Here are the most important things you need to know.

You'll be asked to show ID.

States are expected to set the minimum age for marijuana purchases. Most states require that the purchaser is 21 or older if buying for recreational use or 18 or older if buying for medical use. In either case, you will need to show an official, government-issued photo ID proving your age. A driver's license or passport is acceptable. At most dispensaries, you will be asked to show your ID before you are permitted to enter the building, and again before you make your purchase at the counter.

You'll need to pay in cash.

Since marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, banks do not typically want to work with cannabis dispensaries. So, most are cash businesses. Make sure you bring cash along for your purchase. Some dispensaries may have an ATM on-site, but do not count on this unless the dispensary's own website states that there's an ATM.

There will be more than the standard flower.

Flower, or loose cannabis, is just one of the many things sold at dispensaries. They also sell other cannabis products, including vaporizers, edibles, topical rubs, and concentrates like shatter and wax. Even if you ordinarily use cannabis flower, it's worth looking into some of these products because they all have their own advantages. Edibles, for instance, last longer than smoking. Vaporizing allows you to have quick effects without the harshness of the smoke.

There will be budtenders to answer your questions. 

If you are not sure what products are right for you, that's not a problem. Dispensaries employ people called budtenders. Their job is to talk to you about your preferences and what you hope to get from the cannabis and to then help you find the products that are best for you. If you have questions about a certain product, the budtender can answer your questions. You'll learn a lot by talking to the budtender.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what to expect when you visit a dispensary. It's wonderful to be able to obtain your medication legally. To learn more, contact dispensaries like Rocky Road Remedies.