Supplemental Treatments To Control Migraine Pain

If you suffer from migraines, your doctor will likely prescribe medications to help ease your symptoms. But since these medications won't always make your migraine pain go away entirely, it's a good idea to explore supplemental treatments that can chase off any lingering discomfort. The following remedies are generally safe to combine with prescription meds for enhanced relief—although it is a good idea to still run them by your doctor first.

CBD Cream

CBD, or cannabidiol, is legal in all 50 states and is derived from hemp. It has anti-inflammatory benefits, which might make it helpful for the relief of migraine pain. The safest way to use it when you're also using prescription medication is to apply a CBD cream to your temples and forehead. Use plenty, and use your thumb and fingers to rub it into your skin. The rubbing will help encourage the CBD to be absorbed.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Both heat and cold can help ease the pain of a migraine. Heat can help soothe tired muscles, and cold can help numb the pain. A good way to use hot and cold therapy to your advantage is to alternate between the two. First, apply a heating pad for a few minutes. Then, switch to an ice pack for about the same amount of time. If your pain subsides, you can stop at this point, or you can keep alternating between heat and cold for as long as you would like.

Pressure Point Therapy

There are a couple of points on your body that you can apply pressure to in order to enjoy relief from migraine pain. The pressure activates or deactivates certain nerves which may be contributing to migraine pain or making it worse. One of the pressure points is located between the thumb and forefinger. You can easily pinch this pressure point with the opposite hand, holding the pressure for a few seconds, releasing, and then repeating the pressure application a few more times. 

Another pressure point for migraine relief is right between your eyes at the bridge of the nose. Apply pressure to this spot, using your thumb, for a few seconds. Release, and then apply pressure for the same amount of time. Repeat one more time.

Even when you've already taken prescription medications for migraine relief, you can also use hot and cold therapy, pressure point therapy, and CBD cream to get rid of any remaining pain. Contact a service for more information on pain management.