4 Important & Simple Botox Recovery Tips

Botox is an easy, non-surgical method for improving your appearance. If you decide to get this treatment, it is important to understand how to take care of your body afterward to ensure you get the best possible results. Post-procedure care can be easy if you know what to do.

Recovery Tip #1: Stay Upright

After you get your Botox, you shouldn't head right home and take a nap. Instead, make sure you are standing or sitting up for several hours following your treatment. Don't lay down, and avoid bending over as well. This will help ensure that the Botox that was injected into your skin doesn't move from its intended location. This will also help to reduce swelling in your face due to your treatment.

If you can, get your treatment at the beginning of the day, so you have lots of hours for the treatment to take before you have to lay down at night.

Recovery Tip #2: Take a Break from Your Exercise Routine

Next, you will want to take a break from your exercise routine for at least a day. Taking a break for at least a day will allow the injections to settle in. If you exercise right after an injection, it could cause the Botox to migrate, and the swelling could be more intense after your treatment. Taking a day off from exercising will get you the best results.

Recovery Tip #3: Stay Away From Blood Thinners

You should stay away from medication that thins your blood, like Motrin, Aleve, and Advil. When your blood is thinned out, bruising is more likely to occur. Avoiding these medicines for a few days will help ensure that you don't suffer from bruising at the injection site.

Recovery Tip #4: Keep Your Hands to Yourself 

You are going to want to avoid touching the site where you were injected with Botox. You should avoid rubbing, massing, or scratching your face. Touching the injection site could increase the chance of swelling and bruising. If you massage the injection site, you could move around the Botox to different locations and hamper the results.

When it comes to getting the best results from Botox, you need to stay upright, avoid working out, stay away from blood thinners, and avoid touching the injection site for 24 hours to get the best possible results. For more information about getting Botox, contact a local cosmetic surgeon.