Helping A Partner Through Heroin Detox

One of the best ways to kick a habit is to have the support of those around you. If your partner has gone through the first stages of heroin detox and is now in an outpatient drug rehab facility, they will need help while at home. Rebuilding a life after being in the grips of addiction can be tough, but it can be done. If you want to provide your partner with the emotional and physical support that they will need when kicking a heroin habit, here are some things that you should know.

Prepare for flu-like symptoms

Though detoxing can peak at about day three, flue like symptoms will continue when detoxing from heroin for months afterward. Some of these symptoms include low fevers, stomach aches, a runny nose, and feelings of lethargy. Luckily, just like the flu, these symptoms will subside and your partner will be able to work through them. Encourage your partner to rest as they need to and see a doctor plus call their sponsor if the symptoms become overwhelming.

Introduce them to a new crowd

When it comes to getting over addiction, half of the battle is staying away from old temptations. This likely means that your partner will not be able to remain friends with those they used to see during drug runs or when they get high. It is also necessary to stay away from those who could lead them into other addictions, such as drinking. Introducing your partner to activity groups will aid them in finding healthy support and socialization.

Perform concentration games

One of the hardships of detoxing is the inability to focus. This can affect everything from job performance to emotional stability. Play games that require focus such as checkers, video games, or even board games like Monopoly. If your partner enjoys art get an adult coloring book or create a painting together. Learning to refocus after detox will help to pick up the skills necessary to hold down a career.

Start financial planning

One of the best ways to get your partner on track is to help them figure out where they are in life planning. If your partner has been on drugs for a while, there is a high likelihood that they are behind in their career and in financial planning. See a career counselor and a financial planner to solidify a plan to catch up on the time that was lost during their habit. Contact a business, such as Stepping Stones Recovery Center, for more information.