What Are The Different Residential Care Choices?

When you decide that you need more help than you can get at home, it's time to find a living situation that will meet your needs. There are several kinds of residential living centers that you can choose from, depending on the level of service that you need. 

Independent Senior Living

At an independent living center, you are still going to have your own living space, generally an apartment. You still have all your independence. However, you have the options to receive any assistance that you may need. That can include medical assistance if you are ill or injured, housekeeping assistance, and daily living assistance. The center can offer services like dining rooms, activity rooms, and pools. There may also be activities like social outings and trips that you can take advantage of. Contact a professional independent senior housing community like Carriage Oaks Retirement Community for a full list of amenities.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is the next step up. At an assisted living center, you are going to still have your own space, but it may not be an apartment, it may just be a couple of rooms. You will still have the chance for independence. The assisted part of assisted living means that you will get more help with daily living. That includes nurses coming in for medical management and aides helping you shower or dress. Assisted living centers will also offer dining rooms and social activities for their residents. 

Some assisted living centers will also have specialized wings for residents who have dementia or Alzheimer's. Those wings are for people who can still do some self-care but whose illnesses have progressed far enough that they need to have more supervision and care. 

Nursing Homes

These residential centers are for people who are unable to be independent anymore and you need to have round-the-clock medical assistance, plus assistance for more or all daily living needs. At a nursing home, you may have to share a room, but long-term residents may be able to personalize their rooms some. Depending on insurance options, it may be possible to have a private room. Most nursing homes will have locked wings for people with advanced dementia or Alzheimer's. Those people will need close supervision and specialized care. 

If you have reached a point where you need to start thinking about residential care, knowing what your options are can help you find the appropriate choice for you.