Loneliness For Seniors Can Be Deadly – Here's How To Address It

Social interaction is one of the most important parts of an elderly person's life. Many people, unfortunately, focus almost exclusively on the medical aspects of well being. Of course it is important to be physically fit; however, it is just as important to have a healthy social life. Many elderly persons become shut-ins and are isolated from beneficial human interaction.

If you have an elderly person in your family, then it is important to recognize the importance of a social life. They might have the proper medication, but if they are deprived of human contact, it can lead to serious physical problems.

Here are some ways to address senior loneliness.

Social Groups For Seniors

One method for the elderly to avoid loneliness is to join a senior group. These are local meetings arranged for seniors. They will often be held in libraries, churches, or recreation centers. The groups will often have speakers come in and give lectures. They might also arrange trips to museums and other cultural centers.

If you know a senior who is isolated, it might be a good idea to take them to one of these groups. They might be hesitant to go on their own at first.

Is A Senior Community Desirable?

Many people find that a senior living arrangement is agreeable. These are places that cater to retired people over a certain age. There are usually organized group activities that are organized by professional coordinators. This helps ensure that the members of the community do not remain isolated in their new living arrangement.

These retirement communities vary in design. Some cater to people who are completely independent, but who want to live in a community of individuals of a similar age. These communities will often have either apartments or houses on the grounds. They are essentially neighborhoods that are populated entirely by elderly people.

Other communities are made up of people who require some sort of help. Common amenities include meal preparation and laundry service. They also have directed activities that involve the members of the community.

Home Care Services

A very popular alternative to the senior living community is the home health care visit. These are designed for the elderly who have remained in their home. Perhaps they do not have the money to move to an assisted living facility, or maybe they don't want to leave their home. Regardless, seniors can benefit from visiting health care.

Seniors who live alone are at a great risk. A home health care attendant from a company like ComForcare Home Care Mountainside, NJ can be incredibly beneficial. Many seniors who don't require physical assistance would benefit from the social interaction that these health care workers provide.