Have Some Random Yet Severe Abdominal Pain? Get Checked Out For Appendicitis

Are you feeling some abdominal pain? Although the pain may have started suddenly, it probably feels completely uncomfortable. If it is progressively getting worse for you and you are starting to have some serious concerns about what is going on with your body, you need to visit an urgent care center or an emergency room because there is a chance that your pain is caused by appendicitis. Because the condition is severe, it must be taken care of quickly, so there is no time to wait when getting checked out for it.

What Are Some Signs of Appendicitis?

When you have appendicitis, you are likely going to start feeling a lot of abdominal pain. The pain is usually only on the right side and it can get worse over the span of just a few hours. If you have taken over-the-counter pain medication and have not managed to get any relief because the sharp pain is just getting worse, you may have this condition. Along with the pain, some people with appendicitis start to feel nauseous and will vomit on more than one occasion. If you are experiencing any of these particular symptoms, your best bet is to go to urgent care or the local emergency room to find out if you have appendicitis or not.

How Is It Diagnosed?

When you get to the medical center and describe your symptoms, a physician may decide to perform an abdominal ultrasound. The abdominal ultrasound provides a good view of what is going on internally. It makes it possible for the medical professional to identify swelling and inflammation of the appendix. It is after the ultrasound that the medical professional can usually provide a diagnosis and then immediately schedule a surgery for the same day. You will need to have your appendix removed to keep it from rupturing inside of you. If the appendix were to rupture inside of you, it could quickly turn into a life-threatening situation, so you should have the surgery performed as quickly as you can get it done.

When you are experiencing abdominal pain that is only getting worse and not getting any better, you should waste no time seeking medical advice because you could have appendicitis. A medical professional will need to ask you about your symptoms and do an ultrasound on your abdominal area before providing a diagnosis. If it turns out that you do have appendicitis, you will need to have surgery to quickly have your appendix removed from your body to avoid further complications. Contact an imaging service, like EVDI Medical Imaging, for more help.