Eliminate Unsightly Facial Scars Quickly With Reconstructive Surgery And Restore Your Beautiful Appearance

Do you have an unsightly facial scar that you'd like to have removed? You'll be happy to know that, in most cases, a cosmetic surgeon is capable of quickly and easily removing scar tissue and restoring normal appearance. In some cases, scars can be quickly and easily removed with lasers, topical creams, microdermabrasion or silicone injections. Older scars may require surgical intervention. Schedule an appointment with a professional reconstructive surgeon to determine which of these treatment options is right for your facial scar removal:

Silicone Injections Can Fill Pitted Areas Caused By Scarring

Perfect for acne scars, silicone injections are a safe and inexpensive way to fill in pitted areas caused by scarring. Small amounts of medical-grade silicone are injected directly beneath the surface of the skin, permanently raising the area and restoring the skin to its natural appearance.

It's very important to find a qualified reconstructive surgeon for this procedure for two reasons. The first reason is that collagen from your body begins to grow around the silicone droplets, which causes the injected area to grow slightly. The second reason is that the procedure is not reversible. Taken together, it's important to find an experienced reconstructive surgeon that will work with you over a period of months using very small injections to the scar site to restore normal appearance. Rushing the silicone injections can cause the affected area to grow too much, causing an unwanted puffiness.

Laser Treatment Quickly Restores Normal Appearance, Especially For Newer Scars

This is a rather new technological advance in cosmetic surgery and has already shown promising results; it's a good fit for scars that are raised and discolored areas on areas of the skin, such as scars caused by laceration or abrasion. A very small laser is used to eliminate the raised scar tissue on the skin, which is then feathered with the normal skin adjacent to the scar in order to create a uniform appearance. Generally, laser treatment works best on scars that are not very old. However, with multiple visits and laser applications, it is possible to significantly improve the appearance of even large scars that you have had for decades.

Surgical Scar Revision May Be Needed For Older Scars But Is Extremely Versatile

For scars that are large and old or for scars that are in concave areas on your face (such as beside your nose or around the corners of your mouth), surgical scar revision may be the recommended treatment. Your reconstructive surgeon has a number of options available to improve the appearance of scars using surgery; skin may be grafted to recessed scars, scars may be incised and sutured to let them re-heal, or incisions can be made to slightly shift a scar into a more inconspicuous area of your face. Laser treatment is often applied as a follow-up to further reduce the scar's appearance.

Because your chances of a successful scar revision are higher when the scar is new, it's best to schedule an appointment with a reconstructive surgeon as soon as possible if you want a facial scar removed. Waiting too long can mean that you will require more intensive (and more expensive) surgical intervention instead of laser treatments, skin creams or microdermabrasion.

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