A Guide To The Benefits Of A Vibration Body Machine For Athletes Or Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

If you suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis or are an amateur or professional athlete, it is a good idea to discuss the option of using a body vibration machine with your physician. Even though the pertinent research has been limited thus far, one study in 2016 determined that sufferers of Rheumatoid Arthritis experienced improvements in both their energy levels and their ability to function after just two weekly sessions of 15 minutes each over a period of three months. In addition, research also suggests that this type of exercise helped athletes to gain strength or otherwise improve their athletic abilities. Therefore, you may similarly benefit from its use and it will behoove you to be aware of the information shared below.

Understanding The Vibration Body Machine As An Amateur Or Professional Athlete

Whether you hope to make a career out of your athletic skills or you enjoy football with your friends as often as possible, improving balance, strength, and flexibility is probably something you would like to do. Therefore, the use of a vibration body machine for use on most or all of your body may be exactly what you need.  

Research suggests that when there is not an existing illness or underlying health concern for healthy athletes and sports enthusiasts, the use of a vibration body machine may have therapeutic or rehabilitative reactions. Since the improvement of muscle strength can make muscle or tendon damage less likely and may speed recovery of existing muscular damage, the machine itself is worth considering. In addition, the unit can be set to different speeds, so it is possible to start on a lower speed for brief periods of time and gradually increase the speed and the amount of time you will use in accordance with your doctor's approval     

If You Have Rheumatoid Arthritis

Given that joint fatigue, joint pain and issues with nerve tissue are just three of many different symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, or RA, it only makes sense any safe way to treat those unfortunate aspects of the illness is worth exploring. For instance, many RA patients have found that an active exercise plan is physically painful to complete, especially as the disease worsens. However, since a vibration body machine, or VBM as it is also known, is a form of passive exercise that can focus on specific areas of discomfort or weakness as needed and requires little input from the recipient, pain is less likely.

It will be helpful for RA sufferers to consider the fact that as with athletes, improving muscle mass is thought to be the result of regular, approved use of a VBM. Since maintaining a healthy weight puts less stress on the joints, bones, and skin that RA is known to attack, VBM has improved the quality of life for many people afflicted with this disease.       

In conclusion, a vibration body machine has a myriad of uses for specific health challenges and weaknesses. Prior to its use, it is a good idea to discuss the above information with your health care provider to make sure that you are healthy enough for its use and that it is an appropriate treatment option for your needs.