Seasonique Vs. Seasonale - Which Is Right For You?

Women who take birth control know that there are so many options available to them. Among these options are Seasonique and Seasonale. In spite of the similar names, these pills actually offer a variety of differences. If you are not sure which choice is right for you, consider these differences:


Seasonique is considered an extended-cycle birth control pill because it allows women to skip periods. Rather than have a period each month, women can have just four in an entire year. Seasonique is newer than Seasonale, and is considered 99% effective when taken effectively to prevent pregnancy. Additionally, the pills women take during their period will still include a low dose of estrogen. This is beneficial for many women because it lowers the possibility of breakthrough bleeding and shortens periods to four days or fewer. Women who tend to experience painful periods may turn to Seasonique for this reason.

Additionally, Seasonique is thought to provide superior protection when compared to Seasonale. This may be a result of the extra estrogen offered by Seasonique; however, both are considered relatively effective. Overall, Seasonique is preferred by women who struggle with heavy periods.


Like Seasonique, Seasonale is an extended-cycle pill. One of the biggest differences is that Seasonale includes inactive pills for those times during which a woman will have her period. Women often experience spotting between periods of irregular bleeding on Seasonale. This tends to decrease the longer a woman is taking the medication. Additionally, a period for a woman on Seasonale may last as long as seven days.

Seasonale is often prescribed for women who have painful periods, as this pill offers less estrogen. This means that women who take it may experience less bloating and cramping during the inactive period. On the other hand, it is also a good choice for women with light periods who have no trouble handling up to seven days of bleeding.

Of course, it is possible that neither pill is for you. There are actually plenty of different oral contraceptives to consider. It is smart to talk to your doctor about the best choice for you, as birth control pills may also come with side effects such as blood clots and stroke. Some women also report loss of libido as a side effect to some contraceptive pills, but each body responds differently to different regimens. For more information, talk to your doctor and check out