Fixing Common Problems With Your Hearing Aids

For many folks who suffer from hearing loss, hearing aids offer a simple and effective way to keep them in the conversation. If you use these hearing solutions, it is important that you know how to quickly troubleshoot problems that could affect their functionality. Read on for simple fixes to some common hearing aid problems so as to keep your devices in good shape.

Hearing aids aren't loud enough

If you are struggling to hear sounds around you while wearing your hearing aids, there could be a couple of causes for the problem.

In most cases, the microphone opening and sound outlet may simply be clogged with earwax, muffling the sound from your device. The earmold and tubing could also be clogged with wax or filled with moisture. To fix these issues, wipe away any debris with a clean cloth or cotton swab and drain out any moisture beads in the tubing. If the earmold appears cracked, visit your local hearing center to have it replaced.

Alternatively, your hearing aids could be producing inadequate sound because the volume is too low. Fix this by ensuring the manual volume control on your device isn't turned all the way down or increasing the volume to see if the problem is resolved.

If none of these measures raise the volume on your device, it may be time to schedule a hearing check-up to assess if your hearing ability has changed and whether you may need your hearing aids adjusted.

Hearing aids whistle and leak sound

Hearing aids are likely to whistle while in your ears if they aren't inserted correctly. Removing them and properly inserting them in your ear for a tight fit could resolve the problem. If this doesn't help, the issue may be caused by sound leaks around the earmold, which can be fixed by turning the volume on the device down. Alternatively, have your hearing care professional adjust the fit around the earmold and vent to seal any gaps that could be leaking out sound.

If your ears are blocked by earwax, this could also contribute to increased sound leaks. This is because you will probably have to turn up the volume on the device higher than necessary in an attempt to hear clearly through the wax, causing more sound to leak around the vent. Sound from the hearing aids could also bounce off the wax in your ear canal and leak back out.

Having your ears professionally cleaned by a hearing care professional could help solve the problem and improve your hearing.