Stepping Into The Healthcare Field

You've heard about how the healthcare field is growing and are considering pursuing training to get you in the door. Healthcare jobs come in a variety of forms, depending on the level of patient contact you wish. Here are examples of three roles in healthcare and how they interact with people.

Certified Nursing Assistant

This role gives you frequent contact with patients as it involves assisting other healthcare providers with delivering care directly to people in need. As a nursing assistant, you can work in hospitals, medical clinics, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. The home healthcare aide even works in the homes of people who need assistance. Some of the responsibilities you'll have include:

  • helping people with bathing, dental hygiene, and dressing in the morning
  • assisting people who need help eating
  • taking blood pressures, heart rates and temperatures
  • recording information in patient records
  • changing bed linens and cleaning up living areas
  • assisting other staff with procedures, such as dressing changes

This role is a stepping stone into the healthcare profession if you think you'll enjoy working directly with people who have medical needs.

Medical Assistant

This role lets you have contact with people, but not in a care delivery capacity. If you're not sure that you would like the hands-on care of a nursing assistant, this role will let you work with patients in a different way. You can work in doctor's offices, clinics and hospitals as a medical assistant. Some of your duties will include:

  • scheduling appointments for patients
  • maintaining patient records
  • greeting people as they come in for appointments
  • helping people with their health insurance questions

You won't be doing medical care for these people, but you are the first face they see when checking in for an appointment. Many people will be anxious or in pain, so your calming presence will be much appreciated by them.

Medical Coding Specialist

This role is removed from patient contact, but you will work with patient information. This role is responsible for updating patient records with the latest information. This is a key role as the information is used by numerous healthcare providers to help the patient. Some of the duties you'll have include:

  • updating medical records with diagnostic test results
  • transcribing doctors' and nurses' notes into the records
  • checking the standardized coding used to make sure it is accurately recorded

In this role, you can work in hospitals and clinics. Large doctors' offices will employ medical coders. There are also opportunities to work at home on contract with large facilities. While you won't have direct patient contact, you'll get to see some of the workings behind delivering care to those with a medical problem.

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