Key Vision Therapy Techniques

Optometrists use various methods to treat eye disorders such as strabismus, also known as crossed eyes, and convergence insufficiency, a disorder relating to converging both eyes on a focal point. One of the most intriguing methods they sometimes recommend is called vision therapy. This type of eye treatment involves the use of various techniques to enhance your visual performance. Here is a look at a few of the most common vision therapy techniques. 

Pencil Pushups 

To perform this eye exercise, you need a pencil with an eraser. Hold the pencil vertically at arm's length. Slowly move the pencil toward the tip of your nose. When you see two pencils instead of one, stop moving the pencil. Look away and focus on an object in the room for a few moments. Then look back to the pencil and keep looking until you see a single image. Move the pencil back to arm's length and repeat the process. Perform the exercise for about 10 minutes. 

The Brock String 

Another interesting vision therapy technique uses a device known as the Brock String. This useful aid is a taut piece of string that has several beads positioned at intervals along the length of it. You hold the string out in front of you and focus on each bead for a few moments. After looking at one bead for a few moments, you move on to another bead and focus on it. This technique can help improve your binocular vision, which refers to both eyes working in unison. 

Barrel Cards 

This technique is also a good way to improve your binocular vision. The method involves the use of cards that have pictures of barrels on each side. The barrels are different colors on the different sides. You place the card on the bridge of the your nose and focus on a set of barrels on each side. When you perform this action, the different colors should appear to converge. 

Balance Board 

One of the more unusual vision therapy techniques involves the use of a balance board. This is an unstable board that you stand on and try to keep your balance. Doing this helps you gain better body coordination, which can assist you in having better eye coordination as well.

Vision therapy techniques are useful for a number of eye disorders. To determine if any of these procedures can help your vision problems, contact a qualified optometrist in your city. For more information, go to a site like